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Case Study - See how choosing the right filter and schedule can make all the difference.

When it comes down to it, what kind of filters you buy and how you choose to receive them can make a world of difference. We are not interested in just selling air filters. We are interested in selling innovative and sustainable filtration solutions that not only make a positive impact on the environment but can also make your life easier.

Below is a case study from one of the nation's largest universities. They had a problem when it came to air filters and we helped them solve it. When you become a West Texas Filter's client, it's more than just filters!

Case Study for Large R1 Research University - Southern USA


The facilities department at one of the nation's top research universities reached out to West Texas Filters to see if we could help them align their filter program to the universities' new "Green Initiative" push. The initiative on the surface was simple - cut costs, labor, waste, and energy within their department.

In collaboration with West Texas Filters, they were able to reduce energy, waste, labor, CO2 emissions, filters purchased, and landfill impact.

They were also finally able to take control of their filter program and become more efficient at changing and keeping up with them.


West Texas Filters started with a free on-site survey that looked at every filter on this 140+ building campus. After the completion of the survey, we were able to show more efficient and sustainable filtration solutions that complied with their internal goals. Once Filtration Concepts' recommendations were approved and implemented, the university saw its return on investment immediately. Labor was reduced, energy costs decreased, warehouse storage for filters was eliminated, and efficiency for the filter program was finally achieved.

We were so glad to see the alleviation of stress on our clients faces when they got on our supply program. They quickly realized that having the right filter on the right schedule can make all of the difference in the world.

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