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Air Filter Installation


Breathe better air!

Get your free no-obligation proposal for air filter service by clicking the button below and ensure your filters are changed when needed. 

Professional HVAC Filter Service

Air filters are the only focus in our business and the only way to be of value to you. We make sure your filters are always changed on a timely basis which will ensure the protection of your HVAC units, provide you with better Indoor Air Quality, and lower utility costs. 

Our service technicians show up in a professional uniform, check-in and change every filter in your facility. 

We service a 350-mile radius around Lubbock and service or supply Commercial, Education, Industrial, Health Care Facilities, Retail, Hospitality and Manufacturing establishments. 

Offers you access to a full range of the best filters in the industry from disposable synthetics to 99.997% HEPAs

Guarantees the filters in place are always the proper size and the fit is always snug

Our service technicians have over 40 years combined experience and are trained to change any filter in any situation and housing

Our Total Cost Of Ownership can let you see different products compared to one another to see where you can cut down savings

Call today to get a free, no-obligation estimate for your establishment. We offer professional service, lower prices, and guaranteed performance. Call our sales rep today (806.791.2299), or email us at

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