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Paint Booth Filters


Sizes: 2"

MERV Ratings: 6

Applications: Exhaust 

Adequately removes spray and solid paint particulates. Protects exhaust fans, ducts, motors and stacks. This media prevents fogging or misting of paint particulates in the paint booth. Often used as a pre filter. 

Sizes: 1",2"

MERV Ratings: 9

Applications: Exhaust

This media is combined with performance and strength. This dual action stops and retains small and fine paint particulate from the air helping you achieve smooth and blemish-free paint finishes. 

Sizes: Pads, 15"-24" Depth

MERV Ratings: 9

Applications: Spray-Booths, Intake Air, Exhaust

BSBL spray booth filters are often used to protect and extend the life of costly ceiling filters. Other benefits include capturing overspray that was not retained exhaust filters and to help keep the fans clean. 

Sizes: 1"

MERV Ratings: 9

Applications: Spray-Booths, Intake, Exhaust

Used to retain Over-Spray. 

Sizes: 1"

MERV Ratings: 9

Applications: Intake

High Density filters that can retain particulates up to 10 microns. Depending on the environment and the pre filters, these filters can last anywhere from 6-12 months.

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