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Corrosion Control For Your Electronics

Hydrogen Sulfide, also known as H₂S, is not only dangerous and fatal to humans, but it can also be dangerous and fatal to the electronics that keep your business running. This is one of the leading causes for electronic disruption and corrosion.

Exposure of H₂S gas to your electronics results in corrosion of silver and copper leading to electronic deterioration or even a sudden shutdown of your entire system. Having your equipment shut down or not working properly can be extremely expensive on both the replacement and maintenance side as well as the revenue that is lost. So keeping these systems protected is a top priority.

In industries such as oil and gas, H₂S originates from the sulfur impurities present in crude oil so it is always present. Because of this, the external air around the facility is likely to be contaminated with this acidic gas just waiting to ruin your equipment.

The deterioration of electrical controls by this corrosive gas is not uncommon and there are required environmental precautions that need to be met in order to prevent contact. Requirements such as limits for temperature, relative humidity, and chemical contaminants are just a few.

Another one of the ways of preventing H₂S gas coming into contact with your electronics is having the proper HVAC system in place. This includes housing and filter media.

Molecular filtration using adsorption techniques is the industry-accepted method to remove the corrosive agents from the air, and there are countless molecular options available. But if you want to achieve a cost-effective molecular filtration solution, you must use the right media for the right application. Some of the factors that go into choosing the right media are Gases, Temperature, and Relative Humidity.

Along with this, it’s also important to ensure that the molecular media is sufficient to ensure highly efficient value is maintained throughout the filters life reducing the Life Cycle Cost (LCC).

West Texas Filters has been in the air filter business for more than 30 years providing the right filter solutions for all types of industries including oil and gas. We are the sole distributor and partner for Camfil Filters in West Texas and have access to the market's best molecular filtration solutions.

For more information on your molecular filtration needs contact us at 806-791-2299 or

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