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What are your options when it comes to Molecular Filtration? Part 1

Our line of Molecular Filtration solutions gets even better with Camfil’s ProCarb family of molecular filters with the Vertical and Horizontal Deep Bed Filters. These products are designed specifically for industrial applications and provide... “the very highest levels of performance in those applications where plant reliability and elimination of corrosive gases, toxic gases and odors are essential for operational security and regulatory compliance.”

Camfil’s ProCarb Vertical Deep Bed Filters (VDB) and Horizontal Deep Bed Filters ( HDB) have an inherently leak-free design and construction. Paired with the appropriate media this ensures the highest levels of removal efficiency and longest possible lifetime, even in single-pass configuration handing high gas concentrations.

Vertical Deep Bed Filters (VDBs)

This is a robust solution for removing corrosive gases from supply (make-up) air systems with very high efficiency on a single pass basis. The filters contain vertical walls of molecular filtration media that are retained between perforated screens. The air passes horizontally through the filters.

1 - P-Unit 2 - F-Unit 3 - F-Unit Plate

  • 1 - VDBs - P unit, inclusive of integrated pre and final filters.

  • 2 - VDBs - F Unit with 3 beds of media, inclusive of integrated pre and final filters.

  • 3 - Side-plate on VDBs - F. Plate is used to release and control flow of spent media during the service procedure

Depending on the airflow, the filters may be configured with up to 3 separate media beds in series. A range of standard sizes accommodates airflow from 1000 m3/h to 25,000 m3/h. This function allows different media to be combined in layered configurations (not blended) to handle complex containment mixtures in the most cost-effective manner.

Pre and Final filters are easily incorporated in the filter housing to provide a total filtration solution in a single unit.

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