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West Texas Filters has been providing clean air to the South Plains since 1986!

Our filter service is committed to providing a scheduled service for your units.

   Our service technicians are trained to change filters in any type of unit with any type of filter ranging from Polyester media to 99.997% HEPA filters. 

We start with a comprehensive on-site survey and provide you with a truly unique supply program for your air filters. 

  • Eliminate filter stock

  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

  • Reduce utility costs

  • Reduce CO2 emissions

  • Reduce waste

Learn industry standards, products, and UV lighting solutions to combat Covid-19

Changing your air filters is the easiest and cheapest preventative maintenance for your HVAC units. Not changing your air filters can lead to clogged coils, uneven cooling, higher utility costs, poor IAQ and general wear and tear. Call us and make sure your units are protected and have a long life ahead of them. 

Having clean, fresh air is fundamental to the health and well being of your employees, customers or family. Our service is dedicated in making sure your filters are changed  on time, every time, preventing any Sick Building Syndrome illnesses (SBS) or Building Related Illnesses (BRI).

We get you the right MERV rating, Dust Holding Capacity and Schedule for your filters that can help you achieve a sustainable filter program. We catalog every filter and make efficient recommendations that will help you reduce energy costs, waste and labor. 

Our greatest pride as a company is the amount of years we have kept our clients. Once you become our client, we treat you like you're our only client. Our customer service and sales teams only goal is to provide you with what you need and exceed your expectations. 

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Tom, PP Manager

Since we have been using West Texas Filters, our hot calls are down by about 30%. We have more time for true preventative Maintenance.

FC-ENI-V_Bank Filter-PNG.png

Max, Head of HVAC

With over sixty stores in multiple states, I needed a comprehensive program that would insure uniformity in our PM schedule. Getting the right filters in each location was a big headache. With West Texas Filters, filter service is the least of my concerns.


Jim, PP Director

Every once in a while you get one square and it goes right over the center field wall. We caught that square when we began doing business with West Texas Filters. 

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