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City M Air Purifier

City M Air Purifier

Glad you asked.

The answer is simple:

The City M range air purifiers are a supplement to your existing ventilation system-and they will take care of air pollutants generated both from the outside as well as from inside your premises.


Many of the harmful particles of today's world are common indoor air pollutants like formaldehyde, fungi and various VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) An un pleasant truth is that indoor air can sometimes be even more polluted that the air on an average city street

When you let Camfil's purifiers take care of harmful particles, odor and in some cases gases, the improved air quality will provide a much healthier work environment. We are all sensitive to these particles, some of us more than others, so the benefits may cary from fewer sick leave days to increase well-being at work. 

Your employees will have more energy to be productive when you reduce common bad air symptoms like headaches, coughing, allergic reaction, respiratory problems, eyes irritation, nausea and skin rashes. 

Imagine if your office air was as clean as the air many thousands of years ago. Free of today's bacteria, viruses and harmful particles. Luckily, you can do more than just imagine this. 

City M from Camfil is especially designed for offices, schools, hospitals, public buildings, etc.-you can experience that good old clean air in no time. 

•Medical Offices

•Hospital/Clinic Waiting Rooms

•Hospitality Services

•Nursing Home and Care

•Patient Rooms


•Business Offices

Free Demo! Call today to get a free demo of the City M Air Purifier. There is no obligation on your part. We offer professional service, competitive prices and guaranteed performance. Call our sales representatives today (806.791.2299), or email us at

Clean air like you've never breathed before. Contact us today!

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